These are some of the nice things our customers have said about us.

I hate exercise but I love to dance! Luckily, my 4-year old daughter shares my enthusiasm and we both attend classes at Stephaneez School of Dance. We enjoy the routines that are well choreographed and fun to learn amidst a great bunch of people.

We are devoted fans of both Miss Stephanie, (Principal and Founder) of this excellent dance school; and Miss Daryl who teaches the Baby Ballet class (including my daughter) and who also assists Miss Stephanie in all of the children’s classes.

Miss Stephanie pours her heart, soul and enthusiasm plus lots lots more into the running of her school and tuition of her pupils. It feels like one big extended family and it’s great to share the same passion for dance as my daughter.

I sincerely (and do often) recommend Stephaneez School of dance to friends, school Mum’s etc.

J Longhurst: Adult pupil + parent: December 2010

I have been dancing with Steph for just over 5 years and enjoyed every minute.  It’s a great way to exercise, we have lots of fun.  There is never a dull moment in the class.  X

Gill Knighton 10.12.2010

I have been going for roughly 4 years now and enjoy all three of my classes.  Disco comes first, fun fun fun lots of women wanting to keep fit and have a good girly giggle.  Some great routines and cheesy 70s and 80s numbers.  Line Dancing comes next Yeee Ha.  Then my absolute favourite Latin American and Ballroom, great for couples and anyone wishing to learn the good old classics.  Strictly come Dancing has nothing on us.  Met some lovely people and hope we remain firm friends.  Steph is always good fun and has some great moves up her sleeve. I have heard that the Baby Ballet is beautiful too. The children love their classes just as much as the adults.  Well done Stephanie and Miss Daryl, carry on the good work we love it.

Stephaneez is a very happy and relaxed school.

Mandy Courtman 9.12.2010

Stephanie is fun and bubbly all the time.

Watching the Fetes, Christmas and year end displays you can really see how the kids (and adults) enjoy being at Stephaneez. Xx

Mandy Page 8.12.2010

I am writing to say how pleased I am with Stephaneez dance school.  The children really enjoy their dancing.

The timing of classes is always punctual and whilst Miss Stephanie and Miss Daryl do a great job at teaching the children various dance moves they also allow the children to feel as though they are having fun whilst learning, which I feel is always the best way for children to learn!!

My daughter enjoys her dance so much that she has now asked me if she can now start up the Ballet classes as well.

May I also say that the dance shows held over the year are great fun for the children and parents.

Well done to Stephaneez Dance School for all their hard work.

Colette Saunders 10.12.2010

My daughters have been at Stephaneez School of Dance for 4 years and their dancing ability has grown over this time.  They both have grown in confidence and thoroughly enjoy each session.

I then decided to join the Mums group of which I have great fun and is a
fantastic class.

Sarah, Victoria and Harriet Evans 11.12.2010

My daughter has been at the dance school for 1 term. I wish I'd started her ages ago because the giant grin on her face at the end of each session shows me how much she absolutely loves it! She loves her teachers and the wild and wacky routines - I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to anyone, it's just a really fun place!

Natasha Menicou 11.12.2010

My daughter Katie enjoys dancing at Stephaneez School of dance. She has grown in confidence and loves the fun element which is incorporated into the routines. Stephanie is a wonderful dance instructor and knows each child individually. Last year Stephanie organised a dance party for Katie's 8th birthday which was fantastic and fun had by all.

Nuala Meegan 11.12.2010

A friendly easy going dance school where everyone is encouraged and celebrated, We are all made to feel special and part of the family I would recommend Stephaneez to anyone my son has been to the larger dance schools and much prefers Stephaneez.

Mel Stringer 12.12.2010

The adult disco/street classes are the only exercise dance class I have ever stuck to.  10 years on and I am still dancing.

At 30+ years of age I got my first dance medal, something I had never achieved as a child.  Stephanie gave me the confidence, encouragement and ability to do it.

What is lovely about the Adult classes is that there is such a range of ages that take part, the music we dance to also have the same age range from some good old disco classics right through to the current charts.

Steph's adult disco/street class has revolutionised my dancing at weddings, parties, nightclubs etc.  I am no longer the side to side stepper, and have even been complimented on my confidence to "bust some moves" on the dance floor.

The line dancing class is like no other I have ever been to, if you think line dancing is all country music then you're wrong.  We dance to Lady GaGa, Christina Aguilera, Will Smith, Michael Jackson and many others it keeps it fun, interesting and we always have a laugh.

My husband joins me for the Ballroom/Latin/Salsa lessons, I leave every lesson with a smile on my face, whether it is because we have mastered a new move or remembered a new dance or because we waltzed like we were the only ones in the room.  Steph's teaching manner means that although we are taught the right move by the right name she adapts it to a language that we will understand this makes it easier, relaxed and more fun to dance.

Gail Froggatt 11.12.2010

My girls have attended Stephaneez School of Dance for 4 years and they both really enjoy the classes and dancing at the School summer Fetes. My youngest daughter is profoundly deaf and wears two cochlear implants and Stephanie has been fabulous in adapting to her needs.

Tara Hilson 12.12.2010

My children have been dancing with Stephanie for over 6 years now.  They really enjoy the classes and look forward to going each week, especially to the ballroom class. Stephanie is fantastic with the children and they all love her. “This is a great place to meet new friends, have fun and socialise. “Says my daughter Francesca (13)” and “This is a good way to keep healthy and fit  and have fun, even for boys!" says Laurence (9).

Zoe Garton-Adams 14.12.2010

Both my daughters love dancing with Stephanie thanks to her amazing patience and the incredible amount of time and energy she puts into her school of dance.  They have made lovely friends, have great fun and continually build on their confidence.  There are no expensive outfits to purchase and it's the type of dancing the girls can use anywhere, from summer fetes to the school disco!

Jacqui Proctor 13.12.2010

My 5 year old daughter has been attending the Stephaneez Dance class for the past year and enjoys it immensely.

The classes are all about having fun and enjoying yourself and the cost of the classes are very good value for money.

C Markham (17/12/2010)

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